Rest In Peace Neighborhood Nipsey Hussle The Great!


A WestSide Original


Hailing from the WestSide of Phoenix, AZ we have Michael Silver, AKA Silver. A true homage to the Boom-Bap days of old, while still being a fresh, new take on modern hip-hop, Silver boasts a sharp tongue and even sharper freestyle game.


Silver & Leach performing at Arizona legend Justus' album release party.

Silver x Atom ft. C. Leach - Mansa Musa Music

"Hot box with that major, I pop off with the flavor, I pop lock through arraignment, I'm not whom to be played with, they stop watch in amazement, since pop rocks and a pager, I'm a Molotov with the flame lit, you can't stop what I came with, I am, off the yuzzle bubbs, I'm cream like that, took a hiatus, I was patient but the fat boy's back" - Silver